What Does Letting Go Really Mean? Anyone? Anyone?

26 Apr

It makes sense that one must understand the statement “letting go” before one can apply it to one’s life.  I’m not 100% certain what it means for me but I wondered what other people thought it meant.

According to Dr. Wilson’s article, letting go is, “learning to let go of old habits, ideas, people who are not serving your best interests.”  He writes that letting go can range from the simple act of recycling to the harder task of leaving a relationship.  And feeling loss and pain is normal.  He also states that letting go is a process of freeing the mind.  When your mind is free, you are free to look at your life without emotional ties.  This may offer clarity of mind to make decisions that allow for a better future.

In another article, it stated, “Letting go does not always mean letting (people) leave you. Letting go can also mean being with them, caring for them, but not allowing them to drain you, hurt you or not give you the ability to live your own life.”

Other answers I found included:

Letting go means …

  • Having the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change.
  • Creating a new beginning, moving forward.
  • Accepting defeat and letting go of control and isolation.
  • Relieving yourself of any negative emotion you might have with respect to an event, circumstance or condition.
  • Allowing others to make their own decisions.
  • Learning how to slowly heal, slowly love yourself and learning that you took a chance to hold onto something that long.
  • Allowing all the negative feelings in your body to leave.
  • Surrendering.
  • Admitting you don’t have all the answers and need help.
  • Letting go of control over others.

On a discussion board, people spoke of letting go in terms of spirituality and aiding manifestation.  Letting go is removing your focus from what you have been thinking about thereby allowing it to enter your life.  Letting go involves complete trust that everything is working out as it should and all that you truly desire is coming to you.  It is having complete faith in the Universe, God, or other entity.  It is resigning from the position of God.

And this person gave a great visual when he wrote: “Imagine a hand opening and closing.  To me, manifestation cannot occur if there is a deathgrip on what you want or desire.  A tight fist clinging, demanding, grasping will not force the universe to respond.  Only when you let the fist go, let blood, oxygen and energy move naturally through the hand will events unfold.  That is literally and metaphorically letting go.”

I loved the visual but how do you actually let go?  That I cannot answer because I don’t know…yet.  Again it is a personal process where each person has to find his or her own way and figure out what works best for them.

After completing some research, I must conclude that the statement “letting go” holds different meanings to everyone.  It is interpreted differently because we all come from diverse backgrounds and have learned unique lessons that define what we think.

I agree with some of the perspectives above; however, I have not entirely figured out what “letting go” means for me.  I do believe letting go and giving up are not the same thing.  And letting go of someone you love, doesn’t mean letting go of love.

“Letting go has made me strong.”
Julie Gribble’s song “Letting Go


H. Hassenbein

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