Affirmation For Letting Go

27 Apr

I let go for love.

I let go for me.

I let go and let God.

And I am at peace.

* * * *

Understanding the meanings behind the affirmation:

Letting go allows love to flow freely. (Picture love flowing to you and through you.  You are open to receive love and give love.)

Letting go for me allows me to let go of the parts of me that do not serve me.  I let go of negative habits, personality traits, and harmful habits, etc.  (Picture yourself being released from your old self so your new self will emerge – like a butterfly emerges from its cocoon.  Allow the best of you to come forward.)

Let go of the need to control everything and surrender to the entity you believe in (God, Universe, Source, Life, Love etc.).  Allow it to do what you cannot do or do not know how to do.  (Picture in the palm of your hand all of your dreams that stem from your heart’s desires (not your mind) and envision them as glowing pearl size spheres.  Keep your hand open and offer them to the entity you believe in and trust your dreams are safe and will manifest as they are meant to.)

Peace is powerful.  Peace creates positive energy.  A body and mind at peace is free and open to receiving.  When a person is at peace, nothing can disturb them – doubt, despair, worry, fear, or any other negative emotion will not affect a person who is in a state of peace.  (Think of the peace found in nature and how nature fulfills its purpose effortlessly time and time again.  Picture yourself in harmony with peace.  Let yourself be filled with a sense of calm.)


H. Hassenbein


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