Suggestions for Letting Go and Moving Forward

28 Apr

How do you actually go about letting go?

As I previously stated I am not sure which methods work best but Lori Deschene made a list of 40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain. Some of these are really great suggestions.  Crying it out allows you to validate your emotions and then release them instead of bottling them up.  Meditating will help bring about clarity of mind while helping your body to be at peace.  Writing a letter to express your feelings and exercising to decrease stress hormones are also wonderfully helpful.

A few suggestions are just mere distractions.  Prolonged distractions may be useful if they allow you to take on a new perspective that will help you release what is causing you pain.   But it is important to understand that while a distraction will remove your focus from the problem for a short period of time, it will not dispel it.  And if you are using distractions as avoidance, then they are completely useless.

A method many professionals recommend is facing the problem head on.  If you cannot identify the problem, then you cannot confront it.  And if you cannot confront the problem, you cannot conquer it.  This idea is similar to the notion of facing your fear. When you face your fears, they dissipate.  Somehow, fear is powered by avoidance and power is abdicated when fear is confronted.

Could there be some sort of cycle to the process of letting go?  Is it similar to the grief cycle?  Both involve loss, don’t they?

From my own experience, I can see a correlation.  Some days I think I can let go and then I go back into denial, anger, and depression.  I can even get all the way to acceptance then jump back into confusion.  I’m still learning what will work best for me and I hope to get to a point where I am at peace with my current situation.

So far I like using my affirmation.  I love my Flying Wish Paper and recommend it to everyone.  I have been using it everyday and sometimes twice a day.  It can be used for letting go, prayers, wishes, resolutions, or anything that appeals to you.  I have found it spiritually helpful and I like the visual and hands-on aspect of the method I have tailored to meet my needs.

If you are going through this process too, I wish you peace.


H. Hassenbein

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