The Path After Destruction Remains Unclear

3 May

What do you do when your beliefs are shaken so violently that you are left baffled and not sure what to do next? Do you take it as a sign that it is time to let go or do you hold on even tighter?

The path, which seemed clear, has just been subjected to a fury of destruction. There is no obvious way to proceed because the road to the future has been obliterated. And going back is not an option since the road to the past was erased with each step forward. There is no lucid course of action to take so one is left in despair while standing there shocked and confused.

It is time to ask myself what I believe.

Do I accept the reality before me? I suppose that is one option. I can choose to accept that everything I worked for and believed in was wrong and that it is time to start over. In my humbleness, I can admit being wrong.  Then the conclusion may be that everything had to fall apart so I could begin again.

Or, I can choose to continue to believe in all that I cannot see. I can keep moving forward on this unclear path while believing my feet will land in faith. Perhaps, there is a better way to get where I would like to be. Maybe the destruction allowed me to pause for good reasons that are presently unknown to me. I recognize that I do not have all the answers.  I could surmise that everything had to fall apart to keep me on course.

And then again, it’s possible I need to just stand here awhile and look at the destruction before me.

If anything, I certainly know that I appreciated the beauty before.



H. Hassenbein

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