Heaven’s Shore

20 May

As I sit by the sea, I wonder if I am contemplating it, or if the sea, is contemplating me.

I stare into its intoxicating shades of turquoise blue, where heaven’s opening is just in view.

She looks at me and knows my heart, and secrets all hidden, come out of the dark.

In our showdown of pondering, I always look away, and dry the tears, that were shed today.

This open space of water and shore, knows all the answers to questions, I have asked before.

It tells me things I have yet to understand, but instills somewhere inside of me, knowledge unaware to common man.

She heals me and guides me and restores me anew; while in her embrace, I feel the depths of her serenity and grace.

I walk beside her golden sand, and gaze in wonder: who’s really holding my hand?

Continuing my journey, each anticipating my return, until I sit by her shore, ready to learn once more.


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