Who Takes Care of Superwoman When She Needs Someone?

26 May

I nurture and love.

I advise and guide.

I kiss away the aches and pains.

I lend my shoulders to others to cry on.

I carry the burden for others when their load is too much to bear.

I embrace those who need to feel safe.

I mediate and make it all better.

I listen to people’s problems and absorb their emotional pain.

I stand firm so I can be leaned on.

I am dependable and always here to help.

I juggle different roles to cater to everyone’e needs.

I give away hugs.

I give my support.

I give my time.

I give, give, and give.

I am strong for others because everyone needs a strong person in their lives.

And then, out of no place in particular, a sweet whisper says, “That is great.  But who is strong for you?”

I think for a moment and feel my heart sink a bit.  I meekly answer, “I don’t know.”



H. Hassenbein

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