No Longer Hiding My Heart Away

17 Jun

I can’t wait to see your smile
I light up whenever you’re around
I breathe you into me
And know that I am safe and sound

Your laughter lifts me up
The love you give keeps me strong
While in your arms I know
There is no other place where I belong

You listen to my secrets without judgment
And see the beauty in my soul
I no longer have to hide
You have brought me out of my dark hole

When I think I can’t go on,
You challenge me to be more
The best in me is what you see
Your faith in me is what I adore

Your arms are my haven when I’m sad
You stand beside me through every storm
Together we can conquer anything
For struggling by myself is no longer the norm

There is no one else I’d rather fight with
I want to wake to your face every day
Who you really are fascinates me
My appreciation for you will never fade away

You are my partner through this ride
Never again will we be alone
My heart finally found its forever
You light me up and bring me home



H. Hassenbein

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