If You Really Want Something Then Let It Go

12 Jul

Is it possible to want something too much?

  • “I really want to win this game.”
  • “I really want this job.”
  • “I really want to move.”
  • “I really want to have this person in my life.”
  • “I really want this opportunity to happen.”
  • “I really want (fill in the blank).”

While I was driving, I had a curious thought.  I wondered if the extreme emotional charge we put behind our desires impedes them from coming to fruition.

What we truly desire should make us feel good, right?  The possibility of obtaining what we want most should fill us with joy and excitement.  We are confident and free from worry and anxiety.  We are open to receiving the inevitable because we know it’s going to happen.

However, if what we desire makes us feel anxious, irritated, or sick, then we are filled with some pretty precarious emotions.  Upsetting and fearful thinking overtakes our minds:  This has taken too long; It is too difficult; What if this never happens?

The following picture comes to mind:

  • The first person is holding a wish in the palm of her hand.  She is able to hold her hand open and let it go.  She trust life will breathe into her wish allowing it to become real and return to her in due time.
  • The second person also has a wish but is grasping it.  He is not able to let it go therefore life cannot reach it.  The need to stay attached to his wish is greater than the desire to let it go.  He does not realize his grasp is killing his wish.

So, if I want something, I should want it enough to be able to let it go?

Oh, the thoughts that spring forth out of nowhere.  But maybe, I should try being the first person.  Being disappointed and frustrated all the time because I don’t see any results, I’m certain, is not good for my overall well-being.



H. Hassenbein

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