Note to Self: A Passionate Believer Experiences Extremes

4 Aug

I’m high on all that is good and everything is going great.  My thoughts are soaring in positivity and my emotions are soaked with bliss.  Consistent meditation has focused my mind and placed it in peace.  I am feeling happy and I believe all is well.  The joyful end result is inevitable.

With the flip of a switch, day becomes night and as the morning returns darkness meets me to begin the new day.

Furious feet stomp on the ground and clenched fists beat against the desk in a fit of rage.  There are feelings of sadness but the heat of anger draws up any presence of tears which turns into fuel for the fire.  Today, this me is screaming desires in the middle of the room presuming they were not clearly heard the first hundred times.  It’s time!  Frustrated.  Tired.  Enough.

Good enough is not good enough for me.  I am more than this.  This awareness inhabits me and at times haunts me.

Passion incites both states of being.  The intensity of my belief swings to the extremes.

If a day really makes a difference, then I hope tomorrow finds me in sunshine.



H. Hassenbein

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