Where Do Dreams Go To Die?

8 Aug

Tell me, where do dreams go to die

When the believer stops believing his dream?

Do they rise up into the night sky

And become symbols of impossibility?

Or do they fall into the earth

And turn into an insufferable path to eternity?

His energy wanes while his body grows weak.

It takes all he is to continue to believe.

The lows are too low and the highs are too few.

Promises of revelry do not appear in any direction.

There is nothing but despair as far as the eye can see

And trusting the heart has become a thing of absurdity.

He is weary and misery is permeating his spirit.

Hope is dimming as darkness is unfolding.

Join me, will you, because I do understand.

I too seek that which I do not yet see.

If the dream will never come to be

Let me breathe my last breath right now

Than inhabit this inane existence any longer.

Life finds a way and visions see their way through.

The dream refuses to die so it changes its shape

And the dreamer is forced to transform with the dream.


Where Dreams Die by Kent Whitaker


H. Hassenbein

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