The Emotional Toll Involved in Pursuing One’s Dreams

30 Sep

While pursuing one’s dreams, the emotional toll involved can be too much at times. The degree of pain is severe for the dream chasers because they are deeply attached to the outcome longed for by their heart. The desire to have what they wish for is ingrained in their souls. The dreamer becomes one with the dream.

When great obstacles are encountered or catastrophe strikes, the heartache felt along the path plunges the dreamer into the darkest depths of despair. Disappointment, sadness, and hopelessness surround the soul so strongly which can paralyze the dreamer.

While in the dark, many outcomes are possible. In one scenario, the dreamer will find a way out and emerge stronger than before. In another, the dreamer may become disoriented and overwhelmed eventually giving up and retreating from the dream. And for the dreamer who is feeling weak and tired from being knocked down several times, this person may choose to sit in the darkness awhile pondering the self and what is, with the outcome being unknown.

All dreamers who run into the inevitable cloud of darkness need help in one form or another. Some dreamers get assistance from their inner resource of strength and others need a spark from an outside source to rekindle their spirit.

I am feeling weary. I need someone to help pull me through.


Amos Lee – Violin


H. Hassenbein

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