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How do you let go of your dreams?

22 Dec

My dear friend,

I’ve had several dreams crushed as everyone has and it’s heart breaking every single time.  The hardest thing to accept is that some dreams just aren’t meant to be.  And I know that is the last thing you want to hear when you are looking down at all the broken pieces.  You built up something wonderful in your head and housed it in your heart and waited to see it come to fruition for the longest time.  Your dream was a sacred part of you.  It was already real even though it was not yet in reality.

When something happens that destroys the dream, it can be physically and emotionally painful.  The hurt is real and the pain is unbearable.  Those broken dreams deserve to be mourned so sadness is completely normal and acceptable.  I wrote a poem about it entitled, Where Do Dreams Go to Die to help me get through my grief.  Find a way to mourn that works best for you.  Engage in some creative activity like writing or drawing, talk to a trusted friend, light a candle, etc.  I used flying wish paper as well to help symbolically let my dream go.  But time was the biggest healer.  Distance from the painful event somehow helps the heart move forward even in its battered state.  And there will come a time when it will be ready to begin to dream again.

My head was hesitant to start over and dream again for fear of more pain and disappointment but my heart started making plans and imagining new possibilities.  I never thought I would get to this point but there I was preparing for a new adventure.  After the many months of sadness and despair, I started to feel hopeful again.

I think the main thing I’ve come to know is that we let go of old dreams by imagining new dreams.  When your heart is ready to dream again, let it take you down a new path.  Dreams change over time and before you know it they turn into even better dreams.  It can be fun to dream bigger or reignite old dreams from years ago.  What did you always want to do but didn’t because something happened that detoured you?  What did you not do because you were too afraid?

So it is possible to let go and move forward and with time it will become better.

Good journey.

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