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Shine On

25 Jun

The well-known sparkle in the eye

Speaks of beauty all around

Jubilant over every new venture

There is nothing that can keep it down

The day turns to night

And the night bleeds into day

Moments constrict

Time becomes dense

The shine loses itself in the shadows

From where I now sit

I can say this with sincere wit

It is good the twinkling gaze knows nothing

Of tomorrow’s woes




Forever Free

20 Apr

There is nothing.

The nothing I wanted to believe in is just in fact nothing.

It is just me who exists.

Whatever is after death has to be better than this.

I want to fly to that place now.

It has come to this.

I do not want to wake after slumber.

I long to leave this insufferable land behind.

Such dark thoughts are not meant to be divulged.

This dismal dwelling is all I have ever known.

Endless cycles from tolerable to worse.

Keep your lies to yourself.

Better has never come.

Living intertwined is no way to live.

I am done with this sadness.

I am over the suffering.

I am finished with pain.

Let me go to the place where I am forever free.


Beautiful Sorrow

19 Feb

I let my heart weep for it is broken

The tears will fall where they may

Pain sweetly caresses the hopeless hand

As despair entertains the one track mind

All I see are the scattered pieces of what once was

And they are sparkling in their shattered state


Not Again!

18 Feb

No. No. No.
Butterflies fly away.
Heart, slow your rapid pace.
Now is not the time
Because I’ve chosen another way.
High hopes please come down.
Imagination surrender your whimsical gaze.
Not Now. Not Tomorrow. Not Ever.
Let me continue on my way.


Holding My Broken Pieces

28 Dec

She cleared away the rubble

And picked up her broken heart.

She stepped back from the pain

That coldly tore her apart.

Still weakened from the loss,

Still wiping the tears away,

Her broken heart still hopeful

She will find happiness one day.


3 Holiday Season Thoughts in Verse

25 Dec

Christmas has come with Hope in hand
Traipsing, gliding through the white wonderland
Everything is joyous, the world at its best
The season fades away and goodness is suppressed




Good riddance to the old

To hell with the new

We’re all going to die

In twenty – one – two




A year filled with darkness
Endless months of excruciating pain
The experiences of 2011
May you stay there and remain

2012 better be better
“Or else!” I exclaim to you
I’ll skyrocket to paradise
And strangle the shit out of you


Know Happiness Better

12 Dec

Perhaps one day – Before I’m old and grey –

I’ll see the sun – I’ll have finally won –

And it will indeed all be better


The Best I Can

18 Nov

The charming cobbled road makes for a stumbled trip

Looming shadows dance down the path

I climb up and come crashing down

I reach up high and lose my ground

I try to fly but gravity makes sure I’m always earthbound

Hills have been conquered yet many mountains still in sight

Straining. Struggling.




Fighting. Crying.




I’d like to believe hope and salvation are near

Bruised and broken doing the best I can


It’s All Coming Down

26 Oct

I gazed at the brightest star
Aimed my arrow high
Pulled back with all my might
Released all fears to the night


Left dangling on this star
Hope has fallen to the ground
When do I give up on this wish
How did I lose what I never found


Tired of the tears from waiting
Worn out from endless chasing
There is no other way around
I reluctantly let go…and fall down


Happiness Does Not Live Here

2 Sep

Happiness does not live here
It has been cast away
Too much pain and suffering
Too many cold rainy days

May the sun set forever
Hold down the rising moon
Blow out the shining stars
Let the heart sing its sad tune

Quiet the talk of bliss
Bite the helpful tongue
Silence the affirmations
Allow it all to come undone

Purpose continues to be uncertain
A reason to go on remains amiss
Peculiar comfort comes from knowing
Death is always waiting with a kiss



H. Hassenbein

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