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Holding My Broken Pieces

28 Dec

She cleared away the rubble

And picked up her broken heart.

She stepped back from the pain

That coldly tore her apart.

Still weakened from the loss,

Still wiping the tears away,

Her broken heart still hopeful

She will find happiness one day.



3 Holiday Season Thoughts in Verse

25 Dec

Christmas has come with Hope in hand
Traipsing, gliding through the white wonderland
Everything is joyous, the world at its best
The season fades away and goodness is suppressed




Good riddance to the old

To hell with the new

We’re all going to die

In twenty – one – two




A year filled with darkness
Endless months of excruciating pain
The experiences of 2011
May you stay there and remain

2012 better be better
“Or else!” I exclaim to you
I’ll skyrocket to paradise
And strangle the shit out of you


Know Happiness Better

12 Dec

Perhaps one day – Before I’m old and grey –

I’ll see the sun – I’ll have finally won –

And it will indeed all be better


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